Do you get bombarded with calls regarding Energy?  Flame UK can offer you a dedicated Account Manager that will act on your behalf for all of your commercial energy needs.  Your Account Manager will look into all aspects for you from billing issues, consumption, new meter installations, CRC and when it is time to renew your contract they will terminate your meters with your existing supplier and present you will a full price comparison.

Whether you operate from a single site or multi sites across the UK our team of industry experts will guide you every step of the way to streamline your operations.

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Energy Procurement

Flame UK are a specialist team dedicated to providing businesses with the most cost effective solutions.  Whether you need budget certainty or a contract with flexibility, our energy experts will provide the advice and support needed.

We have direct access to energy suppliers in the UK, this allows us to provide the contract that is right for our customers.

At Flame UK we ensure that all our clients are paying the most cost effective energy prices and receive the highest level of service from our Account Management team.   Our team have vast experience in negotiating and procuring the most appropriate and most cost-effective contracts for all types of businesses.

We will talk to you to understand your business and advise you of the services that we feel would best suit your needs.  This will ensure that you have a bespoke package tailored just for your business.

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Site Works and Metering

We will organise the installation of your gas and electricity services, as well as your gas and electricity meter.  If you are building a new property let us know at the planning stage and we can arrange the services to be installed around your building works.

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Energy Procurement

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is a regulatory incentive designed to improve both public and private sector energy consumption in the UK.  The scheme is mandatory and is to encourage improved energy efficiency in organisations to reduce overall CO2 output. Participating organisations purchase allowances for each tonne of CO2 they emit. Heavy financial penalties are imposed on organisation that are required to participate but fail to do so!

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Suppliers We Work With


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EPC’s & DEC’s

What is a DEC?

A Display Energy Certificate is a document that shows the energy performance of a building. The calculation is based on the actual energy consumption of the building as recorded annually over a period of up to three years. The Display Energy Certificate includes a Display Energy Rating and an Advisory report. DEC certificates come with a validity of one year and it must be updated annually by an accredited DEC assessor.  The report is intended to help the occupier identify factors that could improve the building’s energy management and thus reducing energy use and CO2 emissions.