The commercial water market has been active in Scotland for over a year now and England de regulated water on April 1st, 2017. This means if you would like to look at your Commercial water supply and take advantage of any savings that can be offered Flame UK can give you a dedicated Account Manager that will quote and manage the process changing the way you are billed for your businesses water.

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Water Procurement

What is De-regulation?

De-regulation of the water market will provide businesses the opportunity to choose their water provider in a similar way to their energy supply.

What is important to know is that due to the regulation changes water suppliers as we know it will change.  All supplies will be passed across to the retail arm of these providers which in turn could increase the rates that you are currently paying.  Not looking into switching your water supplier could cost your business money!

If you have multiple sites across the UK you can now have all supplies with one provider, this will provide greater savings!  Another benefit is a single bill for all sites if required.

The entire process is simple as we handle everything from start to finish, including procurement, tendering, negotiating and liaising with you to ensure a smooth changeover.

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Water Metering

We can offer a range of metering services to our customers including:

  • Meter Installations
  • Automated Meter Reading
  • Meter Replacements
  • Meter Testing
  • Submetering